Interests & Connections

These are listed A-Z. a global social movement to address climate change that started at Middlebury College in 2006 

ACE-Africa, a nonprofit working in Kenya, Tanzania to help rural families, children and communities (My partner for several research projects: Hybrid Technologies and Crops, Cellphones, and T-Cells projects.)

+Acumen Acumen Academy offers online courses in human-centered design, design facilitation, prototyping and more (including free courses). 

Ashoka U, promoting a culture of “everyone a changemaker” on campuses of higher-education (absorbed into in 2021)

Innovator’s Compass; Developed by Ela Ben-Ur to offer a framework for anyone “to find new ways forward” and to ‘get unstuck’. Brilliant synthesis of approaches to system+design thinking accessible to anyone aged 4-400. 

LA Bucket Brigade, nonprofit working with fence-line communities facing the effects of the petrochemical industry in southern Louisiana. Partner for Down By the River project and Story of River Road Cocktail.

Liberty’s Kitchen Partner for the 2017-18 Design Krewe project to train several New Orleans youth in human-centered design and help them apply those mindsets to promote new ideas for food access in the city. 

Nesta UK A social innovation hub for research and action, focused on the UK

Population Environment Research Network (PERN) I helped found this global network in 1999-2000 to promote scholarly engagement on human-environment interactions. Still going.

Social Labs, REOS Partners. promoter of social labs as a way to address complex problems at the scale at which the system works, i.e., a municipality, or food industry operating at level of global trade.

STEPS-Centre UK founded in 2007 at IDS Sussex to research and address of poverty, food insecurity, environmental degradation in the global south, grounded in complexity and dynamics, science & technology studies, participatory research, and international development practice. 

Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation & Design Thinking (Taylor) at Tulane University founded 2014. Work there to develop design thinking outreach, social innovation research agenda/outputs, and programs/offerings for graduate students.

TopBox Foods, partner for the Design Krewe project training Liberty’s Kitchen alum in design thinking for fresh food access

VIA: Formerly Volunteers in Asia when I served in the 1980s). rich multi-cultural exchange experiences serving Asian and American students.

Wallace Center at Winrock Institute: Supporting community-based food systems in the USA. I worked with this great team to deliver the design-thinking component in the 2019-20 Gamechangers Lab.

Extinction Rebellion in the French Quarter, 2018.