Climate Change Day, Jan 30 2018

Climate Changing Conversations, an ASITW residency with Christy George, 2016

Complexity, Wicked Problems, Design Capabilities, ISIRC paper manuscript (PDF to follow)

Crops, Cellphones, and T-Cells: one manuscript from this MacArthur Foundation funded project:  Ploughs and HIV/AIDS in South Nyanza

Design Conversations: a TEDxTU 2012 talk (slides and youtube video)

FAQ about DT:

Hybrid Technologies: Two selected articles from this NSF-funded project: AIDS and Gardens article in Population and Environment.  ‘My co-wife can borrow my mobile phone!’: gendered geographies of cellphone usage and significance for rural Kenyans' in Gender, Technology and Development HERE

One working paper: 13 Ways of Looking at the Mobile Phone... Social Science Insights into the Study of Technology HERE

Power is Knowledge report on cellphone-charging tests.

River Road Cocktail Story of the Down By The River project (PDF).

Pathways to learning, a Taylor Provocations Series (PDF of document)

TopBoxFoods+Liberty’s Kitchen Fresh food access via design

TAYNGO puzzle: adaptation of the ancient Chinese game to teach SISE toolkit. See Photo and description (PDF)